Ynnov Education Suite (YES!)
The First Digital Education as a Service (DEaaS) Platform that aims to help schools, universities, training institutes and other sectors not just to survive in this disruptive time but to pave the way for a digital transformation of their business and make them thrive beyond the current challenges. YES! is a user friendly, integrated system that enables schools to manage administration functions, conduct distance and digital learning classes and create a student centric platform all in one platform.

Ynnov Learn

A learning management system (LMS) that is anchored on new learning paradigms to enable schools, universities, training institutes and other sectors that require digital education, to deliver a responsive and reliable implementation. With Ynnov Learn, you get the best of both worlds. You get a robust, pedagogically sound learning management system for your teachers to create their learning plans, define desired outcomes, identify competencies to be achieved, manage grades and rubrics for grading. At the same time, you get a social learning platform that looks and feels very much like Facebook and thus create a level of engagement with students (and teachers alike) that is both, fun, captivating, and gives an effective and rewarding learning experience.

Ynnov Campus

A professionally designed school management system that responds to the need of schools to efficiently and effectively manage their day-to-day operations. It offers a user-friendly interface that is sure to nurture students, improve overall efficiency and save staff hours, support and improve the productivity of your teachers, and delight your stakeholders. Ynnov Campus consist of 36 modules that streamline processes, automate tasks, empower teachers, boost parental involvement and engage students.


An interactive virtual classroom that delivers live, synchronous classes, meetings, and webinars to audiences anytime and anywhere across the globe. It allows real-time interaction between teacher and students that provides a fluid whiteboard experience allowing teachers to write and draw effortlessly. Its responsive capability makes it look consistently the same across all devices, be it mobile, web, or tablet.